Sealchem Industries is proud to rely on a dynamic and experienced team that allows us to exploit the virtues of chemistry through new technologies and new inventions to create high-performance products to meet the growing and specific needs of its customers.


Concerned about the need to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and energy losses in order to protect the environment and thus preserve our planet, we prioritize research and development using technologies and materials that respect environmental standards. Our quality standards are in accordance with the norms set by credible companies such as ISO 9001, LEED and ACIA.

Variety of Products

In order to reach our objectives, we have created a large variety of products that are oriented towards the civil engineering sector, composite and tooling materials, adhesives, sealants and more.

Sealchem Product Range

Concrete Repair

Sealchem Industries is committed to helping you keep your concrete in outstanding shape by restoring its structural integrity and preventing further damage, while improving its appearance.

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Sealchem Product Range

Surface Coating

Sealchem Industries manufactures high performance Acrylic, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Polyurea and other materials for the construction and industrial markets.

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Sealchem Product Range

Adhesives & Sealants

Sealchem Industries Inc. has the know-how to help you meet your challenges in the area of adhesives and sealants.

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Sealchem Product Range

Other Applications

Thanks to the versatility of its research and development team, Sealchem Industries Inc. is diversifying its product portfolio to meet the multiple needs of the market.

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Sealchem Industries


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Sealchem Industry provides a wide variety of materials of exceptional quality, designed to protect concrete surfaces, masonry or other and improve their appearance.

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