About us

Sealchem is a pioneer

Sealchem is a pioneer in the manufacturing of specialty epoxy and polyurethane products for concrete repair, primers, sealers, UV stable and cementations systems. We are dedicated to product innovation and high manufacturing standards, which allows us to continue to offer top of the line products for floor restoration, concrete repair, sealants and adhesives. Sealchem Inc. products are based on Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Poly Methyl Methacrylate, Poly Aspartic, Poly Carbamide, Polyurea, Poly Siloxane.


We take pride in being leaders and adopting progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility. We prioritize partnerships with companies that adhere to industry standards such as LEED and ISO 9001, which helps reduce energy consumption and waste, encourages sustainable procurement, and improves environmental protection.


Sealchem Industries Inc. specializes in research and development and the production of products for civil engineering, composite materials, adhesives and sealants sectors.


Sealchem is proud to rely on an experienced in-house team, and dynamic partners and suppliers who are on the leading edge of advances in the industry, through continual research and development of improved and new products.


Our Team


André Bastiany



Chemist specialized in thermoset technology. A formulator and fabricator of high performance materials dedicated to the civil engineering, he is a founding member of Sealchem Industries Inc with the collaboration of his partners, he has managed to combine his many years of experience with his skills, his team spirit and know how to achieve success.

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Frank Delle Donne



Frank has many years of experience in the industry, he is passionate about leading and developing Sealchem and producing the best products in the industry of specialty epoxy and polyurethane products for concrete repair, primers, sealers, UV stable and cementitious systems.

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Luisa Commisso

Vice President


Luisa has 20 years plus experience as a controller for different types of businesses. After many years of working for other businesses Luisa realized her dream of starting her own, with the help of her partners. As the vice president, Luisa’s main goal is to assist with the overall growth of the company which includes analyzing the company’s financial status and help reach our business goals along with the rest the team.

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