SC-4000 SL

SC-4000 SL is a high-performance 3-component self-leveling system designed to maintain the integrity of concrete, metal and other surfaces. It has excellent physical, chemical and chemical properties. Used in combination with CCRETE as a finishing varnish, it provides excellent durability and surface appearance, and is very easy to maintain.



Applications :


Coating for surface protection for

■ Factories of food production
■ Beverage bottling industry
■ Chemical industry
■ Raffineries
■ Manufactures of light materials
■ Manufactures of heavy equipment
■ Pharmaceutical institutions and biotechnology research centers
■ Printing
■ Pulp and paper mills
■ Warehouses etc.
■ Aircraft hangars
■ Car dealerships and maintenance establishments
■ Pet shops and health care facilities
■ Public and commercial buildings
■ Schools and universities
■ Hospitals, clinics and other health facilities