SC-714U, SC-715U (glossy and matte)

C-714U, SC-715U (glossy and matte) are two-component, water-based polyurethane systems designed to protect concrete surfaces and other low-energy surface materials such as vinyl, glass, ceramic tiles, linoleum, stainless steel etc. They have excellent resistance to abrasion, heat and UV rays. They have excellent mechanical properties and are resistant to wine, ketchup, mustard, cosmetics and a variety of other chemicals.



Applications :


Coating for surface protection for

■ Beverage bottling industry
■ Hospitals
■ Universities
■ Schools
■ Office buildings
■ Libraries
■ Laboratories
■ Supermarkets
■ Car dealers
■ Shops
■ Restaurants
■ Bathrooms
■ Kitchens (counters and floors)
■ Drinking water tanks
■ Pools
■ Aquariums
■ Aeronautical factories (aircraft hangar)
■ Food factories, dairy products, slaughterhouse etc.
■ Cosmetics and other chemicals 
■ Sports centers (gymnasium, arenas, changing rooms)
■ Material storage areas of all kinds